Shrimat Dasbodh Representation in English !THE SECOND SAMAS GANESHSTAVAN...


!! Jay Sadguru !!

Shree Samarth salutes Lord Ganesha (The Elephant God), who
provides knowledge and wisdom, removes illusions, blesses all the prayers of the worshipper and
who is knowledge personified. I pray him to occupy me inside out for ever and give me strength
enough to dictate this book. All illusions and lack of knowledge vanish, time becomes your servant,
all the obstacles and fearsome problems vanish with his blessings. Therefore he is called as the God
who removes all the problems. He is there for all the destitutes. All the Gods salute him. He is
literally a store of all that is good in this universe. If you start any work by saluting him, your work
will be successful without any problems. Even just a thought about him and his presence in the
bodily form immediately satisfies all. His dance is a real spectacle to watch. Even the greatest of
Gods can’t resist the temptation to see him dance. They in turn dance to his tune. Even at rest he
always sways with the greatest possible bliss and that signifies his exemplarily peaceful face. His
body has unimaginable strength. An indescribable liquid continuously flows from his forehead
which has many fragrances. He is the God of knowledge. There are many flashy diamonds of many
types in his crown. The rings in his eyes and the blue diamond in it have a brilliance of their own.
His teeth are very strong and perfect white. Around his teeth are rings with different types of
radiating stones. He has four hands. His stomach is vast and is protuberant, yet it adds to his overall
beauty. Around his waist is a live cobra for his belt! He always wears a magnificent yellow sacred
cloth tied to his waist. There are many floral chains around his neck which extend up to the cobra.
He wears two of his own special weapons in two hands, a lotus in the third and the food stuff most
dear to him, the Modak in his fourth hand. He is perhaps the best dancer! Although he is so big and
vast his body is never at rest and in fact he is considered to be the fastest. His whole appearance is
like the mine of beauty. The stage of the Gods is glorified by his presence. If anyone gets his
companionship he is helped by all the means for the production of any literary work. I salute him
with utmost respect.
Even the Gods including the Brahma salute him. The worship of Lord
Ganesha yields knowledge and also pleases the Goddess of the performing arts, Saraswati. His
worship also yields wisdom, mastery over all the branches of knowledge. He can convert an idiot
into an intellectual, a fool into the most wise. He is capable of satisfying all of your desires. I have
praised him according my capabilities knowing well that he is beyond it. 

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